2018 Business Partner​​

All children regardless of their needs deserve to have a sense of belonging. Because we care about every child we believe in building confidence with a positive self-image for children with unique needs. Our program provides a safe, comfortable and familiar place for children to receive services. "Whatever It Takes" to provide an unforgettable hair experience.​​​​​​
There are over 4300 students receiving special education services in the North Kansas City and Kansas City Missouri Public School Districts. This number does not include children that are homebound.
Smiles and Kuts, LLC is a mobile haircutting service for children with special needs. We travel onsite to local schools and organizations in the Kansas City metro to provide services. 
Stylist and Barbers are licensed professionals skilled in providing hair services to youth with individualized needs. Specialized training is given to professionals to work with children with special needs.
What is Special Education? The practice of educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Children will recieve an Individual Evaluation Plan with their school that is strategically put together by experts in the field of special education. The plans can include teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, and accessible settings.  

The Best Gift to Give a Child is Confidence