Our Mission


Smiles and Kuts Foundation's Mission

To strengthen a child's health, mind and spirit with a positive self- image. We build confidence to encourage academic success,social interaction, and create a positive outlook on life. 

Our Programs


Smiles and Kuts is a mobile haircutting service for children with special needs or for families with financial needs. We partner with schools and organizations to provide onsite services. 


Youth: To create a positive experience for each child to make choices and feel confident with who they are. 

Families: To provide a service for families that may experience difficulities taking their child to the barbershop or salon because of their disability. Also, for those families that can't afford to provide haircuts for their children. 

Schools/Organizations: To create a safe and familiar place for children to receive services. To become part of a routine with school age youth.



Smiles and Kuts has partner with Shear Purpose Salon for our voucher program. Our voucher program will allow those youth not being serviced at schools or organizations to visit our partner salon for haircutting services. Vouchers will be limited to our partners. 


 An extension of Smiles and Kuts. Working with communities to provide a haircutting event and connecting with barbers and stylist in that particular community. We will also collaborate with other organizations in other cities surrounding the Kansas City area. 



North Kansas City School District

North Kansas City School District is the largest district in the Kansas City metro area. We have been partnered with NKC Schools since 2018. We work with social workers, counselors, administration and staff. Learn more about the district. 


Hillcrest Hope

Hillcrest Hope is a transitional housing organization that helps families get back on their feet. We have been partnered since 2018. 


Hope House KC

Hope House is a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City. Smiles and Kuts provides to the youth within this organization. 


Ronald McDonald House Charities

Our newest partner we are excited to service their residents. Situations are a little different with this organization. Smiles and Kuts mission is to provide to youth, in this special case it is the youth and their families. Find out the amazing works this organization is doing. 


Shear Purpose Salon

Shear Purpose Salon will open its doors March 2020. The salon is located in Gladstone in the Northland. Partnering with Smiles and Kuts to offer onsite haircutting services at the salon for families that aren't able to participate at the schools or organizations. The vouchers are limited to Smiels and Kuts  partners.